Our History and Mission

"The secret of successful retailing is to give your customers what they want. And really, if you think about it from your point of view as a customer, you want everything: a wide assortment of good-quality merchandise; the lowest possible prices; guaranteed satisfaction with what you buy; friendly, knowledgeable service; Low shipping rates; free return; a pleasant shopping experience."

Dealbuy.net is a lot like your neighborhood dealbuy store. We feature a great selection of high-quality merchandise, friendly service and, of course, Every Day Low Prices. We also have another goal: to bring you the best shopping experience on the Internet.

Founded in January 2017, Our headquarters Location, Alabama, where we have access to the world's deepest pool of Internet executive and technical talent.

But we think of ourselves, first and foremost, as a retailer.

Another dealbuy.net goal - providing easy access to more than 50,000 products available online and in the innovative businesses that dealbuy.net continues to develop, such as newly added category's like Household Supplies and Furniture, which gives customers the convenience of ordering products online.

In short, dealbuy.net is passionate about combining the best of two great worlds - technology and world-class retailing - to give customers a wide assortment of their favorite products, Every Day Low Prices, guaranteed satisfaction, friendly service, convenient hours (24 hours, 7 days a week) and a great online shopping experience.